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Fun w/Digital M Images

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I had sold my M9 a couple of months back, knowing the M was coming and also I had the MM and wasn't using the M9. I had taken a serious departure from Colour. In 3 weeks I took 1300 shots trying to get my head back around it. I had to go back to design basics and finally it started coming together. I'll post a few of those 1300 or so shots, but mostly they're just messing so won't bore you with repetitive subjects in different comps (you'll be bored enough already :)

This is here I keep my wife when she steps out of line:

Teaching my son to pee up the wall properly:

The stolen apple:

Beer 1/2:

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Korean President Leaving Vietnam:

Textures and sections:

Diagonal sections:

Notice the yellows and blues ... from M9 to M, I've switched from Kodak Gold to Fuji Reala


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Munich Highlight Towers - Leica M9, Tele-Elmar 4.0 135mm

Reflections - Leica M9, Tri-Elmar 4.0 16mm

Rising into the sky - Leica M9, Tri-Elmar 4.0 16mm

Mid-autumn festival (Harvest moon) we had a BBQ on the roof. A couple of interesting candids, all were either 3200 or 6400ISO!

The high ISO performance is astonishing, this is much brighter than my eyes could see it. Interesting bokeh on the 35 Cron ASPH

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