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Fun with images taken with the Pentax K1


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Michiel, Alan, you guys (and your photo's) are missed in the Sony threads :cry:, but fortunately we can still see your work here :thumbup:. There is a good reason to check out other fora on GetDPI as well and that's not limited to just the K1 thread.

The K1 indeed seems a very capable camera, but I'm not going to switch systems since in my case the limiting factor is not my equipment but my own skills and eye.


I had a chance to use my newly acquired K-1. I'm very impressed with this camera. I had some fun using it with a 1960s era 8-element Super Takumar, a lens of some fame. All handheld at f/1.4 or f/2.0.

_IMG0031 copy by tsjanik47, on Flickr

_IMG0039 copy by tsjanik47, on Flickr

_IMG0046 copy by tsjanik47, on Flickr
The fun has just begun! The more you use it and explore with it, the more you will like it! Very flexible tool in creative hands. Great start!


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Another question: is it possible to use only one of the four exposures involved in pixel shift? I ask since that if so, that single image could be applied as a layer with a mask to correct any movement artifacts.


Yes, you can also export any of the four pixel shift exposures using RawTherapee. You can also export a black&white motion mask if you like.

Hi this time some small technical post. Precisely post production. I have FA 20mm 2.8. Very like this small lens. But it have some hat field curvature. very annoying.
I've tried manual correction systems in different programs. DCU, Lightroom, Silkypix, RAW Therapee. And best was in Silkypix as only this program have two stage correction. But I was still only half way solution.
I'm still playing arond with C1. I've got suggestion from this forum to use Pentax 21mm lens. But it is profile for APSC camera. So it not give me what I wan't. Next step was find something most similar.
So I go to sony lenses department and tried Sony 20mm 2.8 SAL20F28 set distorion on 120% and got it!.

Very best correction I could get: