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Fun with Leica SL2


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This has been the absolute worst summer I've ever experienced from a photographic POV this year - the bushfire smoke has destroyed the sky and there is very little opportunity to get excited about photographing. Bland light/smokey skies/ huge haze....

Lots of people / towns and farms badly affected but that is another story....


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Re: Fun with Leica SL2 and a very old 50/2.0 (collapsible)

and a very old 50/2.0 (collapsible)
Great, thanks for sharing. I find these old lenses still work well, not the biting sharpness from modern glass but a more pleasing/smoother rendering. I've still got a collapsible Elmar 50/3.5 (bought by my father in 1949) that's actually in the bag to be used tomorrow on a photo trip to Rotterdam, but not on an SL2 so can't post the results here, but I'm sure they will show up somewhere else on GetDPI.

Joe Colson

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Re: Tap & Dye Adjustable Leather Strap for the SL2

I asked Justin Waldinger at Tap & Dye to make an adjustable leather strap for my SL2. It's not in his catalog but is similar to his standard adjustable strap. The result is excellent and he may add it to his catalog if there is sufficient interest. More details here. I'm not affiliated with Tap & Dye in any way and pay full price for my straps.