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Fun with Leica SL2

Robert Campbell

Well-known member
Thanks Robert. Here's a screenshot from Lightroom showing a typical crop:

I shoot from inside my kitchen window, through double-pane glass, and use a perch adjacent to a bird feeder to get a more natural setting. I "hide" my position with a piece of black fabric temporarily draped over the window, with a slit for my lens. Simple but effective. It takes lots of patience (like fishing) and is a good way to occupy time spent indoors during the stay-at-home order.

Stay safe and be well,

Thanks for the info. Impressive results, despite the crop.

I've tried something similar, but the feeder is a bit too far away. And the birdies are too quick for me.


Workshop Member
Re: Afternoon light, new lens to check out

U1020331 by scott kirkpatrick, on Flickr with S 100/2.0 @f/2.8
Excellent example of differences in how lenses render a scene . Near wide open the 100/2 S lens is an exceptional portrait lens . You can see the wonderful micro contrast (in the tone separation ) and resolution ...without the strong edge to edge contrast of the SL primes . Depends ,of course , on the aesthetic you favor ..does the subject/light require more “capture “ contrast (dull overcast day or if you want a high contrast B&W )..the the 90 SL would be favored . Strong high contrast lighting or shooting people might want a softer look . The 100/2 is a welcome and somewhat unique addition . :thumbup:

scott kirkpatrick

Well-known member
Another with SL2, S 100/2.0

U1020336 by scott kirkpatrick, on Flickr

There's a discussion on the LUF about how S lenses on SL2 will never create the proper restrained and full renderings achieved on the S3 with the same lenses. I don't have an S3, but am skeptical. I think the character of the lens would dominate on both.

scott kirkpatrick

Well-known member
Panorama of Ein Kerem, just southwest of Jerusalem:

U1020999 1 Panorama by scott kirkpatrick, on Flickr SL2 SL SC 50, 5 or 6 shots

The gold domes are part of a complex of Russian church and convent, relatively recent, and being overshadowed by a highway and light rail line that need to cling to the steep hillside above it. The big church across the town is dedicated to John the Baptist, who is said to have been born, lived and preached here. There are signs of earlier structures beneath the big church dating to the the first century CE.

scott kirkpatrick

Well-known member
Xploring use of my XPan lenses on L-mount

I just got Kipon's XPan to L-mount adapter, and I have a second-generation (it's pure Fuji) X-Pan with 45 and 75 lenses that cover the full 65mm width of its frame. So how do these 6x7 not particularly fast lenses work on the SL2? My short answer is that the color rendition is nice, the lack of vignetting is calming, but the SL2 doesn't make IBIS available to a non-Leica adapter. And the 45, with a 1 stop center-reduction filter installed to even the response across the full 6x7 frame, becomes an f/5.6 lens. But here are a few examples from the 45:

U1040442 by scott kirkpatrick, on Flickr

U1040447 by scott kirkpatrick, on Flickr

U1040452 by scott kirkpatrick, on Flickr