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Fun with Leica SL2


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Hi Scott, actually you can use IBIS on a SL2 with any adapter, you set the Camera to choose either a M lens or R lens that is close to your 3rd party lens. (IE set menu to 90mm F2.8 R for my 100mm Nikon F2.8 E) and turn IBIS on, and away you go. It even guesses the aperture for the meta data. Here is an adapter for Nikon, along with 2 shots from it. The night time shot is handheld at 1/13 sec F2.8.

The focal length you choose helps the SL2 to know what kind of IBIS settings to use. Also, I've found a lot of Nikon manual focus and Canon FDn manual focus lens work really well and are super light and compact to use.

SL2 w Nikon 100.jpgSL2 w Nikon 13 sec handheld w IBIS.jpg



SL2 w Nikon 100 1.jpg

scott kirkpatrick

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I guess I was lazy, and didn't dig into the menus. Just putting the lens on didn't cause the camera to ask for additional information. Does the SL2 remember the profile assignment the next time you start up? Or the next time that you replace a lens which identifies itself with a third party lens?


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Yes it seems to. I went back and forth with a SL lens and third party adapter (‘dumb’ one with no contacts) and it remembers the R lens I set up. Even with battery swapping it remembers.

But if you change the 3rd party lens to a different focal length don’t forget to change it yourself or the IBIS may not stabilize correctly.

Have fun!