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Fun with Sony Cameras 2023


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Speaking of "fun with", our local camera club held a 2.5 hour scavenger hunt and "prime day". Participants were asked to use only 1 focal length during the hunt. We participated in teams of 3 or 4 (I was part of the "Prime-Mates"). It's pretty free-wheeling, with post-shot manipulation allowed. Here are a few of mine from the 25-item list. All Sony A7II with Sigma 65mm f/2.

Catching the team's reflection.
Something musical
A rainbow
Something "fishy"
Land and sea


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One day of our hiking trip in the Ober Engadin (Switzerland) we went up to the top of the Corvatch mountain cable car (3303 meter) and on the way down to the "Mittelstation" I shot this view of Berghaus Fuorcla Surlej and the winding mountain path that leads to it.

Here is the cable car at about the place from where I took the above photo:

We got off at the "Mittelstation" (2313 meter) and hiked the path you see in the first photo to the berghaus at 2755 meter

Almost there:

From the other (sunny) side

All A7ii + Elmarit 90/2.8 (ELRIT)

Unfortunately it was closed for the season so we were happy we brought our own lunch :)