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Fun With Sony Cameras

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Not sure what kind of treatment you are applying to your photos but I applaud your effort to be both creative as well as artistic in your post processing.
It's a nice change of pace and it's certainly different.
Thanks a lot!

This was worked first in Nik Silver Efex then Nik Color Efex. I usually over-cook things and by the time I've finished playing I never know how I got there:D

I went to this particular bridge because I had known of the attached little watercolour done by John Singer Sargent in 1903. I tried to emulate this in colour but wasn't happy with the results. May have another go later.

All the best.

Barry Haines

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Barry, You need to get out more.:ROTFL:
gandolfi, watch it or I shall nick your NIK :ROTFL:
Have you ever considered taking up painting :D

Truth be told the weather has been grim here some while now!
Thank goodness though I still have plenty of old Sony images dating all the way back to 1903...So I have no need to emulate ;) :LOL:
This one is more recent though - Circa 2006 (10mp DSC-R1) was sunny back then :)
Maen Llia (South Wales) Bronze age standing stone

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The Ute

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Back by popular demand. :)
Coyote Buttes South AZ.
"Ghost viewer"
"Where textures go to meet"
A7RII/ Zeiss Batis 25
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Last week a big tree came down in our garden. Today was the second day they came to clean-up (and take down another tree which was likely going to fall in the next big storm)


A7 + Heliar 40/2.8
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