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Fun with the Fuji X ___!

I have an eclectic collection of old stuff that strikes my fancy. When not working on the computer I work at this Oak and Maple Hamilton Drafting Table made in the 1930s. The lantern on the left is from the 1920s. The vintage Bakelite Carom Balls are from the early 1900s and there's a lot of other stuff you can't see in this photo, all of it much older than me. I like old things. I sometimes wonder how many owners the old desk had before I found it. How many times the old warning lantern was used due to accidents on what passed for highways back in the 1920s. All in all, I sometimes just like to look at this stuff in the soft glow of a lamp late at night trying to imagine how many different people had owned or used it before it came into my possession... and knowing that it will still be around even after I am gone.

Fuji X-T1 - 18-55mm Shot as JPG


Your photo is beautiful. Excellent use of light.
Thanks, Howard. I am finally going through old boxes of stuff I had in storage and pulling out some of the cool stuff I have collected over the years.. some of it has been in storage for over 20 years... nice to see it all again in a space (finally) just for me.

The light is a cheap desktop halogen from iKea.. works well for lighting various still life shots.. just wish it was dimmable.
Get a corded dimmer switch - it goes inline with the lamp and outlet and has a 4' or so cord with a dimmer switch at the end.
No, won't work.. this is a wallmount xfmr, low voltage halogen.. don't want to risk using a dimmer such as that for something it was not designed for. Cheap iKea lamp my son used in college... I plan on replacing it with a true desk work lamp from the 1930s or 40s. It's already out of place with all that other stuff.


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Late start for church today so I went for an early morning ride with the X-M1...

Fuji X-M1 and 18 F 2




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Thanks Mike,

It was an afterthought...I looked at it and thought who dropped that on the steps...then went back and took an exposure. Really turned out better than I expected.

Serendipity is priceless....



Rich M

I was in NYC last week and stayed in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) with my son.

Took a walk down to the river......this one stood out for me.