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Fun with the Ricoh GR III


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For all you horse fanciers out there (only some will get it...)
Well, count me in with the ones who don't get it 🤓
I only see several "iron horses" and a bus to "Bart's Hospital", but I don't think that has anything to do with horses (or Knorp) 😖


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Mmm, the only possible link with ‘horse fanciers’ I can see here is the word ’stagecoach’.
But apart from that link I’m afraid this undoubtedly subtle joke is beyond me … 😟
So unless someone can provide a hint you have to help us out, Louis.


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Apologies for that my reference was way too subtle. This is Aldersgate Street near the Barbican in London. It is the real street in which the fictional 'Slough House' is located where the characters in Mick Heron's 'Slow Horses' books about a group of misfit MI5 agents, reside. It is now a TV series currently streaming on Apple+ starring Gary Oldman. I greatly enjoy the books and I wondered if there were any other members here who were also fans of either the books or the TV series.
If you enjoy British spy fiction like Le Carré or Len Deighton then I can thoroughly recommend the books as each character is perhaps the polar opposite of 'hero' spy fiction.


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Arrgh! That's truly a long shot, Louis. How on earth could you expect us 'aliens' to unravel this first class riddle ... 🤣


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I haven't used the GRIII much recently, which is a shame because as these photographs demonstrate it is such a great camera. At least one of the canal shots I took will go into my stock library and I have sold several photographs taken with the GRIII over the last few years (not enough to retire on, though!).

Regents Canal at Camley Street basin. New builds as Kings Cross expands and the main railway lines (including the Eurostar) linesin between.

The remnants of a famous London natural landmark, the 'Hardy Tree' in St Pancras Old Church Gardens, blown down by high winds of Christmas 2022.



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The new Cannon Street exit of Bank London Underground Station and a visit to the 1935 pedestrian subway network at Monument Station.
All Ricoh GRIII

Bank Station, walkway from lift to exit barriers. Escalators on the left.

Bank Station, view down the escalators to the platform level of the Northern Line.

Street level entrance to the Monument Station pedestrian subway network.

Plaque commemorating the opening of the pedestrian subway network in 1935.

General view of the pedestrian subway network which was refurbished in the early 2000s. Note the red and green tiling representing the colours of the Central and District Lines which are interconnected at street level via the pedestrain subway.