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Fun with the Ricoh GR III


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This is a retirement house , rebuilt in a farmhouse museum . The original place was about 60km away from here .
Retirement houses were built as small as possible . The width is just a bit longer than a bed and a stool . In the length there was still room for a little crocer shop , run by the retired person living in that little house .



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Just back from a short trip to Colorado to visit our daughter in Denver and Vail. A few snaps with the GRiiix and iPhone 14 Pro on the road trip into the mountains. Mud season up there now and not much activity in the villages or ski resorts, but still some beautiful vistas going up rt 70. Had to wait awhile to get through Vail pass that was shut down for awhile because of tractor trailers that jacknifed across the road that had ice and snow overnight into early morning. We stayed at the Park Hyatt in Beaver Creek for two nights and there were only 14 rooms occupied. Both Vail and Beaver Creek villages were deserted with only a handful of shops and restaurants open.

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Chamber Street Alley, London, E1

Royal Mint Street, London, E1

John Fisher Street, London, E1

Royal Mint Street, London, E1 (in fact the Artful Dodger lived with Fagin in a 'rookery' about 2.5 miles to the west in Saffron Hill but I guess most tourists wouldn't know that...


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I was looking through some photos taken with the GRIII and came across a set of photographs I shot in and around London's 'famous' Petticoat Lane market after dark last December, when the market was closing up. The quality of what the GRIII is able to capture never fails to impress me. Most of these photos were taken at f3.5-4 and at speeds of 1/30-50 (not sure if I had IBIS on but as the GRIII uses a leaf shutter, I often don't bother). ISOs range from 1600-6400 and all photos are processed in DxOPureRAW to remove noise. Looking at the EXIFs I was using the lens as is and not with the wide angle adapter which I often do. My wish for Ricoh/Pentax is to bring out a further camera, e.g. one with 21mm equivalent lens and a WA adapter. Description with each photo.

Petticoat Lane, or to give it its correct name, Wentworth Street, has undergone a lot of changes with new builds as can be seen on the left hand side of the photograph.

Typical end of the market day with traders loading up their vans with their stock as they break down their stalls.

Toynbee Street, which intersects with Wentworth Street.

Across the road from Wentworth Street is Gunthorpe Street which still has its original Victorian cobbled surface.

A pub on the corner of Wentworth Street and Brick Lane in Spitalfields

The entrance to Brick Lane which is promoted as 'Banglatown' where there are many Bangladeshi Indian restaurants. Actually if anyone wants a really good and authentic Indian meal in the area PM me and I'll recommend where to go.

This is a bit of a personal favourite. The only remaining 1930s built London Fire Brigade Station still in operation, on Commercial Road in Whitechapel.


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I don't normally do B&W but with early morning low contrast it seemed the way to go. All GRIII.

Camley Street Basin, Regents Canal, Kings Cross, London.

Early 19thC Gasometer moved from Kings Cross to this canal-side location and used as the skeleton for modern, exclusive, luxury flats.

The top of the former grave of Mary Wollstonecraft in St Pancras Old Church Graveyard


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Back of Waterloo Station, in London, England. GRIII+WA adapter. Processed with Ted Forbes 'Fujified' preset for Velvia 100. Velvia was a film stock I grew to hate with a vengeance. I never learned how to expose it properly. A lot simpler letting a preset do the work for me on a digital image - even if it is a complete cheat!_R007119-Edit-2.jpg