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Hasselblad 907x portrait mode


Hi All. I don't have the opportunity to go and test this myself, so thought I would ask here.

I'm looking at the Hasselblad 907x with 45, 65 and 80mm lenses. I would use the 65mm and 80mm for portraiture. However, I can't work out how the camera would work in portrait orientation. I can clearly see how the camera would work, with the flipped out screen, in landscape. However do you need to move to the side of the camera when the sensor is in a vertical orientation? It feels awkward to me if you need to do this. I understand that you could simply leave the screen (without flipping it) and look at it from behind. However, I appreciate the ability to look down at the screen as it has a psychological impact on the subject if you are not directly looking in their direction.

Does anyone have thoughts on:

1) how practical this is?
2) is it an awkward process?
3) is there some way to look down at the screen as you compose a portrait?

Thanks in advance everyone.


I would also look at the X1DII if you need to shoot verticals--if that is what you shoot most of the time. Also look at the 907x with the grip which will make shooting verticals much easier.

The 907x 50c is a great camera! If you think shooting verticals is hard on 907x, try a 5xx with the 50c II back! It would be much easier if you had a Winder and a 90 degree finder on that kit! Anyhow, I love my 907x 50c II!


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I have both the 907 and X1Dii, I mostly use the wider lenses 21 and 30 on the 907 because I mostly shoot those horizontal. I do like to shoot the 907 vertical with longer lenses in studio when the camera is more or less locked down and tethered, so I just use the rear screen as a basic reference. I would not really recommend it for hand held vertical portraits, but then lots of people use their rear screens as finder these days, holding the camera out in front of their faces. its not that haven't done that before, its just that I simply can't manual focus like that. it is somehow easier when shooting horizontal and looking down on the flipped out screen, camera seems more steady to me that way, maybe I am just used to it more.

P. Chong

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To do portrait mode, either hold the camera in front of your face or use the Phocus2 app. I have some problems focussing holding it up as an old guy with presbyopia, I gotta hold it arm’s length away, and then the screen becomes too small. With the app, you need a tripod or some kind of camera support. Both not ideal.

And ya, if you use the back on a V body, it gets even more funky.


Thanks all. I think the X1D would be a better bet for portraiture. I just wondered if there was something that I was missing!