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Help for tethering my PhaseOne DF and back P30+


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I would like to use my combo P1 DF and P30+ tethered to be more certain and comfortable with focusing manual focus lenses like the Mamiya Macro 120/4.
Right now, it's a bit a hit and miss ...
How can I tether that combo to a 2014 MacBook Pro that has USB connections but no firewire ?

Thankful for any help !


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Firewire is very quirky, there has never been any succesful usb to firewire adapter, what I know. However Apple sells thunderbolt to firewire adapters. With P backs one must use firewire. You can use thunderbolt - fw800 - fw400 adapter chain.
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I use a Firewire to TB3 adapter chain, but you must have USB C - the TB3 version - in your computer for it to work. Straightforward USB C is no good. A bummer, I know.


Phase One has this application note for P series backs:

I heard mixed reviews on the OWC Thunderbolt 3 dock and the OWC Thunderbolt 2 dock is pricy since it is becoming hard to come by. I had called up Phase One and the person on the phone recommended Sonnet Technologies Allegro Firewire card with a Thunderbolt PCIe chassis. I believe Sonnet has stopped selling the Firewire card a year or two ago but they come up on Ebay. The Thunderbolt chassis can be used to house a hard disk or some other peripheral card.