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Robert, it seems you have only posted three times. No offence, but I don't see much activity from you. How do you enjoy GetDPI? I am curious.

BTW, do you have the dark background turned on? That look more like the old DPI.

robert kuprion

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I have always been just a reader and enjoyed the reading of DPI very much, never felt I had much to add but lots to learn, and like I said might just be the lack of every day personal inter actions because of the Covid. I am a gregarious type and enjoy personal human contact which I do not get much of these days. Probably just me and is the reason I posted the remark, not as a knock but to see if lack of direct human contact is getting to me.


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I have noticed there has been a drop off in activity. I am not sure that is real or perceived--the mods would know the site activity. I think partly there fewer people going out and shooting, for obvious reason. But I also know this COVID thing has been a drag on me. I keep chugging on because I think the alternative is worse, but it does take energy.

Pandemics are just meh. (Not to marginalize those really impacted by this.)


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To me, participation is key: If I'm not participating, posting notes and photos, showing and discussing work, techniques, etc ... I lose interest in a forum pretty quickly. I've never been a "just read" person ... that's too passive an engagement for me. I like to try stuff and tell others about it.

Perhaps, if you're not feeling the motivation or whatever, you should try getting a little more active and post something. It doesn't have to be earth shattering or great, just do something and put it out there. That usually gets the juices flowing and ideas moving. :D


dj may

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I am one who has been losing interest in the forum. The short version is that I am very busy with my photography work and lose interest very quickly after reading several “grumpy” posts. This applies to any forum; I have tried mulltiple sites and dropped all but three.

The long version
I have worked in over 25 countries on 4 continents. In my travels, in person and online, I have freely shared my experiences without expecting anything in return. In the midst of many shoots I have been approached by people asking about what I was doing. In the past couple of week,s while shooting in the snow, hikers have stopped to ask questions and advice. It must be my friendly face.

When shooting 4x5 film, I carried a sheet of developed film with me, because I knew that people would ask me about the process. An example of a typical encounter; a group of Japanese visitors hovered about me as I was working in Germany, watching intently my every move and taking pictures of me. When I was done, I beckoned to one of them to come look at the groundglass under the dark cloth. He was so excited at the upside down and reversed image that he in turn invited his group to have a look, one by one.

On one of my Iceland trips, a team from Adobe was shooting some promotionl video. The leader of the team approached me to ask me about what I was doing, the equipment I was using and why I was using it. He was expecially intrigued that I was using a Leica S camera on a wooden tripod with a RRS tripod head. He also took photos of my setup.

All this to explain that when someone asks for help and I am able to provide it, I do. This forum is not a necessity for me. With the limited time that I have, I will spend it with people who appreciate the collaboration. I have enough experience to recognize that some people like to “hear” their own voice disguised in a request for information or as a starting point for a debate. I neither have the time nor the energy for that.

My goal is to further the interest in photography as a means of expression.


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I think it just comes down to perception. Not trying to be a contrarian but I have been more active on getdpi since the 'changeover'. I have actually been posting more than lately than I have in the past 12 years of my membership.

If you are looking for some human interaction maybe try sharing a photo here, the people here are generally quite knowledgeable and friendly. If you aren't ready to share a photo try commenting on posts, the more people that share their thoughts and experiences the better!
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