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Insurance for digital backs UK which should I use?


New member
Hi all,

I recently purchase an IQ260 back alongside a Phase one 645DF+ lenses etc. I'm looking at having this kit insured but while I look into it I'm struggling to find an option to specifically insure this. Does anyone here have an insurance plan they feel comfortable with recommending?

Thank you,


Paul Spinnler

Well-known member
Insurance for what? Robbery, failure? You might be able to ensure damage from falling and robbery, but not technical longevity ... on vintage gear you will typically only have time limited warranty from certification e.g. 6 months, etc. Private sale no protection.


New member
Correct, technical longevity seems to be impossible also as I'm not the first buyer. Essentially everything else.


Well-known member
Until about 2 years ago, I was with towergate insurance. Their underwriter stopped supporting non-professional photographers. After hunting around I finally ended up with aaduki.
This is for an IQ4 150, so the cover exceeded the single item 20K limit almost everybody else had.


Well-known member
I've been with Williamson Carson for the past few years, had two claims but that didn't affect premium much.

I'm at the point of renewal soon, will start shop around, mainly due to recent upgrade to IQ4, also a total of three digital backs.

Hiscox is another one a fellow photographer use, I'll obtain a quote from them this time around.

Paul Spinnler

Well-known member
Its incredible that you have a market in the UK to compete for insurance of digital backs.

In Switzerland there's only one insurance and its take it or leave it expensive.


Well-known member
I use Pure insurance here in the USA.
I LIST separately all my valuable equipment at their replacement value and pay a premium for that coverage, but because I’m insured I am able to ship my equipment on a car transport and use it in all environs without worry about theft


Remember you need to have cover to the replacement value normally on a new for old basis, so if the only equivalent new digital back is a IQ4 150, you need £60k+ of cover. Unless you have a policy that is not a "new for old" Make sure you read Policy Documents and avoid being under insured. Often being under insured can end up with no payout...I use Morgan Richardson, who have been great.