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Leica D-Lux (typ109) (Panasonic LX100)


New member
I don't think there's any way to get to the card and battery without nearly removing the case by twisting it forward and sliding it up the straps. Ugh.

Perhaps Luigi will craft one with a cutout. I'll bet that Gariz will make one.
I think I read Gariz will have a Panasonic version at the end of December.

The official Panasonic version does not go over the strap lugs, screws into the tripod socket and gives you a new socket for a quick release plate.

For me it is either a leather half case or a grip and for about the same price, I'd rather have a Gariz half case.


Putting the Leica case on with the included Leica strap ( the one that came with the D-Lux ) looks like a tight fit. Like using Luigi's straps with the protectors on and his cases on a M* body. I do like the included strap though.

I do like the camera a lot. I've had several variations of the D Lux and LX cameras. I currently have the LX3 which I like a lot too. Nice full body case I wish the D Lux had. Same problem with batteries though.


Active member
I just got mine today and I do like it. The ability to grab frames from 30fps 4K video is quite cool. Here's an example from tonight. The lighting was very poor and this was at ISO 2500.



So, just curious who still has their 109/100. I still have the Leica 109 and I like it thus far. Testing the lens I did find the corners to be not as sharp as in the middle. Oh well, I never did test like that until I read Ming's review.

I've paired it with a Lumix GX-7. Both share the same battery which is nice.

Still looking for a full body case. Gariz finally got one on ebay but it's a half case.

Something else I was wondering about. The grip for the Leica. Is it metal or plastic? Same for the lens cover thing that opens when the lens is extended.


New member
I have both but keeping the 109. Haven't ordered a case for it yet. Ended up out of town for a while so haven't sold the LX100 yet....looked at the Red Gariz case last night.


New member
When I look back at the past 10 years or so, I find that probably my favorite photos were taken with a DLux4. Seems like this is that camera "all grown up." Great review as always.
I agree. I still have my D-Lux 4. I just couldn't let it go. Maybe I will sell this and get the new version. I have to say though, the lens on the little D-Lux 4 is tack sharp.



Hi all,

I bought this little camera and it is my first digital camera beside P&S.
Why I waited sooo long to get into the digital world and chose this particular camera ?

1) Because there is some sort of "traditional settings". I never get confortable with "menus", many press on the same button, back and forth. Here a glance at the top of the cam and I know the mode, the aperture, the speed, lovely, simple the way it should.

2) It is small enough to get in jacket pocket, a small waist pouch, you just have it with you.

3) Fix zoom lens with wide aperture, you avoid changing lenses and have no dust problem.

4) It has a very good viewfinder & back screen which is not a touch screen, that's a + for me, no accidental wrong settings. Because you see once you have adjusted a few parameters corresponding to your style, you are done. For example, the first I made was to limit auto-iso to 1600. Focusing with a screen finger tap ? Not precise at all, this cam has a much better device inside.

5) This camera benefit from the many improvements made during these last ten years and they numerous. One I like very much is the square format 1:1. Again with a glance you know where you stand and you don't need to deep into menus to change it.

6) You can print an A3 size with this cam with a much better quality than what we could get from the best 35mm.

After nearly fifty years of photography, having had so many cameras from 35 to LF, this little beast fulfill my needs.