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Leica M10-D with Visoflex 020 question


Long time user of an M10-D here (and love it)
Recently picked up a good value on a used Visoflex 020 to use with an old friend's Noctilux (wide open of course!)

Works really well. But curious with Visoflex on M10-D is there a way to turn off the EVF?
Automatic eye-sensing (which I've read the visoflex can do) does not seem to work with M10-D
I think the camera assumes that if you've attached it, you want to use it all the time (?)

thanks for any help,


Well-known member
Not that I would be aware of ,and it would probably be conveniently be hidden somewhere in the menu (sigh). I don't use the EVF too often and if required, I pull it back a tad so it does not touch the front contacts anymore. There are just not a lot of buttons on a Leica and more so on an M10D 😅