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Up for sale is my Linhof Techno Rollex 6x12 magazine.
I have used this for a few years with a Sinar, Linhof, and a Cambo Wide 650.
Recently acquired an Ebony RSW for landscaping, and the Rollex will not fit under the RSW's graflok sliders.
As much as I hate to part with it, I will not use it, so it goes to someone that will.
It is in excellent condition and works as it should.

My price of $1700.00 includes UPS shipping to the continental USA and PayPal fees.
I currently have '2074' 100% positives on the auction site (contact me if you want to confirm).
PayPal only, USA sales only, and the price is firm.



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They all say West Germany, and have not been made for many years.
Check out the auction site to see other examples.


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... and technology-wise it doesn't matter at all. I have lots of items of that age that are in a very good condition.

Fabulous back, good luck with the sale!


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The Techno Rollex 6x12 back is superbly engineered and user reports heavily favour it over the next best, the Horseman 6x12 back.

This particular Techno 6x12 back is in pristine like-new condition yet is priced at the low end of the price range along with well-used units.

It's an excellent offer.


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... I have owned this cassette for decades and can say that it is indestructible.
Linhof has developed and sold the best film cassettes.
ALPA, as a recognised manufacturer of robust cameras, uses re-labelled Linhof cassettes!!!