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Looking for the suitable lumbar/sling packs for Alpa combination gear.

Hi, Guys.
My main current Alpa gears are 12 Plus body, Digital Back, and two lenses, normally 43mm lens and another longer focal length.

I would like to choose one suitable lumbar/sling pack for above settings, and hope put the body/DB/lens as one combination and the other lens inside.

I hope take out of the whole combination to shoot quickly, not assemble them on the tripod slowly.

As the 12 Plus body is symmetrical design, with hand-grip and tripod mount, the length and height is about 20mm each.
So the ideal dimensions (L/W/H) is about 30cm/22cm/25cm, but normal photography lumbar/sling pack does not meet the requirement.

I did some research, and not find the suitable one.

So any suggestions for it?


Well-known member
I have the 12+, but without the grips. The Shimoda inserts are the deepest, second by the ThinkTank/Mindshift. When I get home I will get some dimensions for you.
Shimoda is a fantastic backpack, but more like hiking.
And I'd like to purchase a small sling bag to shoot when city walking.


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Here is a picture of my Think Tank Speed Racer v2, which of course is no longer available. In it I have the 12+ vertically; looks like plenty of space on the sides for your grips. 17mm TS adapter mounted on the 12+. Upper left is the Rodi 138f. On the right the IQ 4 150 with 34mm adapter attached, and the 60xl above it. Plenty of room for some other stuff like batteries, etc.

As I said, no longer available. but that B&H link has the dimensions. I think there are lots of bags out there of similar size. This one is 250mm deep inside, which is plenty. You could probably get away with 20-30mm less. And, if you didn't have the 34mm and 17mm adapters, you would be smaller still.



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This one is almost the same size, and would probably be better for city walking:
Think Tank Retrospective 20

No belt, but you may not want one in this case. I'm not pushing Think Tank, it's just what I have here to fit test. I think there are lots of bags in this size range.