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I do actually use my Fuji cameras for more than wildlife. I've been engaged for the last four years as the project photographer for the Bevis Marks Heritage Foundation, here in the City of London, UK. One of the activities has been photographing their historic collection of Jewish religious silverware. To do this I have almost exclusively used the incredible Fuji XF80f2.8 macro - a lens which renders images razor sharp at all apertures. Here are a couple of recent objects.

This is a collage I made up of Torah Finials (they sit on top of the handles that open the scrolls. They are Italian, early 19thC silver, made by Onorato Pini, Leghorn.

The central photograph and the details of the individual panels on the top tier were taken with the XF80f2.8 at various distances and apertures.

000_italian finials.jpg


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I hope this doesn't diminish your respect for me but I think that is one of the most beautiful cars I have ever seen, Great photos!
Au contraire Louis, I too think it's a beautiful magnificent car.
But what about the lens ? That wonderful Viltrox AF 75mm F1.2 XF Pro, very sharp even wide open at f1.2
And at only €515 I think it's a steal. Highly recommended !