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Nikon buys RED


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In an interesting turn of events, Nikon bought RED.

I don't know how much or how little Nikon pay for RED, or how are they paying, so we can't not infer anything about Nikon's financials from it.

What is true is that the Photo Market continues to move in a generally downward direction. The amazing progress in generative AI is going to make digital photo cameras even less attractive for the average Joe (Samsung's Moon comes to mind).

Content creation and movies are, on the other hand, still growing. RED cameras often come with a choice of mounts: PL, Canon EF for example, so I hope we have a line that supports the Z mount soon (a year or two from the integration) even if Nikon goes the rehousing route to add some nice cinema features to the lenses.

Some RED cameras have rudimentary face AF but with Nikon technology, RED could get advanced AF, not so much for the Cinema but to expand the market, and Nikon and RED can use new revenue streams.

Sensor technology: I don't believe that TowerJazz, DALSA or Monolithic Power Systems (the traditional RED partners) can scale production to meet Nikon's needs, but RED has some advanced technologies, they may, or may never get into a Z system, but it's a powerful leverage to negotiate with Sony sensors division.

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