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Nikon's new all-round travel lens?


Workshop Member
Nikon just announced the Nikkor 28-400mm f4-8 zoom .

Not normally in the market for such a beast, but this time it looks like it could be pretty decent - see diverse reviews on YouTube .... could be persuaded that it's ideal for going walks with the pooch ;)
I had the Z 24-200 on my Z7II and I loved that lens. Light, relatively small, superb optical quality for such an all purposes lens .... I was more than happy.

The 28-400 falls in the same concept, it only is not as small as the 24-200, but on the other side you get that extra reach.

WRT the aperture I would not be too concerned, as all these modern cameras can handle high ISO pretty well. My advice, take it as the all-round lens for travel and leisure and add one faster small prime like the 40/2 just in case you need it for some low light occasions.