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PhaseOne actuation

Paul Spinnler

Well-known member
How can you do 3m actuations pls? What are you doing with the back?

Let's say 350 000 actuations per year – that's a thousand per day on average including X-mas, weekends ...?

If you have 8 working hours that's 125 per hour or 2 per minute on average, every day, without breaks for all these years, lol.


Active member
maybe with catalog shooting, you could get to milions.
I rarely exceed 1000-2000 per year.

Paul Spinnler

Well-known member
Look there's no debating that Phase backs have legendary longevity. An IQ4 150 will probably work just fine in 2030 – in that sense they are like Arri. It hurts when buying, it is the best, and it lasts forever.

3m is impressive though. That's a good RoI – bit more than a cent per picture on a 40k price basis!


Well-known member
Woah, and I thought my IQ260 back was high at 400k!
It was I believe, a dealers demo back at one point.

3 million is wild. With 60MB compressed files, that’s 180 terabytes of photos!!!

Paul Spinnler

Well-known member
Even a macro guy wouldn't do 3m – it needs to be high throughput digitization – ie a dept in an insitution where people constantly use it. Once you've shot your 200 frames of a watch you are done.



Well-known member
an IQ4 leveraging frame averaging can definitely get up there. there's no moving parts. If long exposures are your thing, then an iQ4 is the best investment. In the case of the above, I imagine that was setup on a tech cam, they used a tape measure for focus and did product shots all day long to a tethered computer.


As already mentioned by Jeff there are no moving parts. 3 Million is nothing. Think for a moment of a (Broadcast) video camera, taking 50/60 frames a second while being operational hour after hour. Such video camera exceeds the 3 million mark already after 14-17 operational hours.

@ Nico: happy shooting, moving forward to the 10 Million actuations then!