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Rare Hasselblad Macro Converter H US$899.00


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The often hard to find used Hassy Macro Converter H.

The HMC was designed to dramatically improve the performance at Minimum Focus Distance (MFD) of the (already stellar) HC 50mm II lens. While it also improves the performance for all HC/D lenses, it was designed specifically for the 50 II.

The HMC is the marriage between a 13mm extension ring and advanced optics that act like a floating element (3 elements in 2 groups) at close focus distance. There is NO TC factor or change in field of view - unlike say a 1.4x. When using it (on the 50II), the focus range is limited 1’-3’. It gets wider as the lens used increases in focal length.

It is fantastic for use with the Hassy HTS Tilt Shift where (allowing for the HTS 1.5x conversion factor) with the HC 50II, it gives you an exceptional and effective 75mm 3.5 Macro Tilt Shift. Using the 28mm f4, you end up with a 32mm F4 Tilt Shift Macro - on any H body, X body or GFX, etc.

Unit passes data back & forth from lens to camera for use with Phocus and also works with the Fuji Hassy adapter (we used on H5D and GFX) and the XH adapter. AF works as well.

This copy is near mint, optics and metal all clean and comes with caps, no box.

Price is US$899.00 payable in Canadian dollar equivalent and includes shipping in NA by Canada Post. Offshore pays actual based on online estimate. Payment by EMT in Canada or PP (add 3% pls).

Please Note

I've seen 1-2 anecdotal reports of HMCs (new & used) mounting, but not locking, on HC lenses with 'worn' mounts. It's very lens-specific, such as "It locks on to all my lenses save my ____mm", etc. It appears that HMCs may be less tolerant (?) of lens mount wear than say Hasselblad bodies or tubes. Any 'excess' degradation to the capture slot or wear on the lens mount COULD cause it to mount, but not lock.

While this HMC locks properly on ALL our HC/D lenses (28mm, 50MII, 80mm and 120MII) of various manufacture years and shutter counts (we'd be happy to supply videos accordingly), there will be no returns as there is the faint chance it may not lock on a lens the buyer may own.

Obviously, a local buyer is welcome to try first.


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