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RRS Ascend tripod leg locks

Jan Brittenson

Senior Subscriber Member
Anyone know if the legs on the RRS Ascend tripods can rotate? I'm in need of a new travel tripod (my 18 year old Velbon has served me well), and the Ascend looks great. However, my experience with Gitzo's ring leg locks is they're a PITA if the leg sections can rotate; when I unlock a lower section it will rotate somewhere above and it becomes a two-handed operation. If the leg sections can rotate this style of lock is immediately disqualifying to me. Anyone have any experience with the current RRS tripods? It looks similar to the old -24 model. I can't find any info on this, and it seems the people who write and review tripods don't actually use them in field and have no useful comments other than the most trivial - and obvious. (Like dimensions, or price.)


Subscriber and Workshop Member
No Gitzo or RRS tripod has had rotating legs for many years. You need not worry on this point. I have two RRS (1 and 4 series) and 2 Gitzo (3 and 4 series). No rotating legs.