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SOLD FS: Phase One IQ3 100mp $7.8K ***FINAL-FINAL...FINAL REDUCTION***

Will Deleon

Active member
Hey there,

Upgraded to an IQ4 about a year ago and this hasn't been seeing a lot of action since. I shoot product / tabletop 98% of the time so it's never really left the studio before. It has 26.1k shots on it and cosmetically I'd say about a 8.5/10 with some small marks around the sharp edge. Sensor has a couple specks of dust, nothing a quick cleaning can't handle.

Included in the sale:

1x Phase One IQ3 100mp digital back XF/Mamiya Mount
4x batteries
1x charger
1x small phase one hard case

Asking for 9.5K USD 8,750 USD 8,500USD 8,000USD 7,800USDnet (Final Final...FINAL Reduction!) + Direct Wire (PayPal if you have good references) + shipping (US and CA only for now)

I'm in no rush to sell it so low ball offers will be ignored. I am open to trades for only Leica M11 or modern Rosenstock digital lenses.

Thanks for looking!

NOTE* This will be listed in many other platforms.


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Will Deleon

Active member
Nice product shot!! What light source and modifier? Love the perfect angle!
Thank you,

Super simple set up. Broncolor Pulso Spot (key) and 1x Pulso G4 head shooting through a 6x6 frame with a 2 stop silk overhead. Gives you fill + pretty gradients.


Will Deleon

Active member
This is now even lower than my asking price for my IQ3-100!

The IQ3-100 is still a great DB, even in early '23 it's only surpassed by the IQ4-150.
Haha yeah it’s dry out here. You’re right, the IQ3 100 is still one of the most solid DBs out there.

Will Deleon

Active member
After many inquiries and 2 offer back-outs, I'm reducing one final time before I just keep it. Most likely implement the back in a film scanning setup.

This is the lowest I've seen any IQ3 100!


Thanks :)

Will Deleon

Active member
A lot of interest on this, but still no takers. Let's find someone who can take this beauty of a sensor home!

Will Deleon

Active member
Still under factory warranty?

Maybe offering a two-week return might push someone over?
It is not under warranty, but I'm more than happy to go over the functioning state with anyone via video chat or if they're in person, i'd meet them at my studio for a demo. I don't think the item is as "high ticket" for me to warranty it. It has not given me any issues whatsoever since I first purchased it! Less moving parts, less things to break :) (knock on wood).