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Used bronc gear


New member
Hi all,

does anybody have a good resource to know how much used broncolor gear is worth more or less?
Currently looking at a Grafit A4 pack with two heads. But it's a bit difficult to determine how much it should go for. Prices vary and some listings I found online were from years ago...


Will Deleon

Active member
I've been working with Bron stuff for a while now. A Grafit A4 hovers around 500-1000 (depending on condition and shot count). Heads varies a lot. It depends what version you have. Are you buying or selling?


Active member
I have never seen a working Grafit A4 under US 1 400 here in Switzerland, where they were produced. They are normally US 2000 +.
Shot count matters, sometimes you have to renew the Elkos.


Active member
Ebay is a good reference. Up to 3k with new condition (I bought at this price 🤪
Unilite heads (3200W) are from 1k+