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Value proposition of Capture One: Why use it instead of Adobe?


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I buy Capture One for Nikon, one time license. At this moment there is an offer to move to the full version. I went to see what was the price of the subscription, and stuff has not improved. It costs 24 US$/m to get the full version, or 19 dollars a month for the Nikon version.
The price includes only Capture one.

On the other hand I can buy Adobe's photography plan for. 9.99 and it includes: Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, Adobe Photoshop (I normally use Affinity) , Lightromm mobile and 20GB of cloud storage (basically nothing).

For Phase One users Capture One is clearly a better option. I don't have a Phase One camera.
What is the point? I agree that the engine is different, but is it really so much better?

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I feel Capture One has better color, and sessions are great for photo jobs. The asset management is better on Lightroom. However after Lightroom 6 it became harder to buy a perpetual license. It was hidden on the website for some years as Adobe was promoting the subscription. If you use Photoshop and are willing to pay the subscription for either, Lightroom’s pricing isn’t bad.