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What small camera body to use with 28mm Summaron?


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I've always had a soft spot for the 28mm Summaron (modern version), and am thinking about picking one up again. I am currently using the Hasselblad X2D system (with a 28P and other XCD lenses, but am considering a really small alternative camera on which I can use the Summaron, for a tiny, go anywhere kit that is fun to use and also provides unique results in the the look provided by the Summaron. I could use a CL/TL2 is very small, but is a crop sensor and I want to go full frame with the 28mm FOV. An M body approaches the size of my X2D body (although I must say I really did like the M10R when I used it with the Summaron briefly). I'm a bit afraid to get back into the M world and the money pit it can become (then I would want the 21mm SEM, 50 Lux, etc.....!). But I am tempted.

Then I came across the Sigma FP-L with its 61mp full frame sensor and tiny body, and I am intrigued. I know it's a bit wonky with just an electronic shutter and you have to add a separate EVF unless you want to just use the rear LCD screen, but without the EVF it's tiny with a nice large FF sensor. I would need to use the M-L adapter as well of course.

There is also the possibility of adapting the Summaron to my X2D, although I am not sure how the Summaron performs on it and any possible vignetting, softness, etc. I will do some research to see if anyone has tested this.

Any thoughts or suggestions?



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You want to go full frame, I think all digital M bodies are almost same in size and weight. A few milimeters and gramms here and there dont make much difference.


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Because this could be your solution: PIXII
The Pixii is also a crop camera, so that doesn't fulfill the OP's goal, but as a Pixii owner, I can highly recommend the camera. It is quite nice. It makes a nice crop accompaniment to my M11. Sensor quality is superb.
An M body approaches the size of my X2D body
I am surprised by this statement. Granted, we all perceive things like size and weight differently, but I'd like to suggest that an M is still your best bet. The specifications of the current X2D and the M11 are:

M11 external dimensions : 5.5 x 3.1 x 1.5" / 139 x 80 x 38.5 mm​
X2D measures: 5.8 x 4.2 x 2.9" / 147.3 x 106.7 x 73.7 mm​

The weight differential is even more dramatic: 455g vs. 790g I don't own my X2D any more, but it sure did not feel like carrying an M11, or vice versa. And when one factors in the smaller lenses, well . . ..


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Like Bashir said, any digital M-body will do. Pixii is indeed a crop sensor.

If you don't mind an adapter the Sony A7C (or Cii / CR) would be another option, but I don't know how this lens fares on a "non Leica sensor" (i.e. with much thicker cover glass).