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WITHDRAWN Schneider 150mm 5.6 APO-Digitar for Cambo WRS in Copal 0 SK


Schneider-Kreuznach 150mm 5.6 APO-Digitar lens in Copal 0 shutter, mounted to Cambo WRS. This is the split barrel version, allowing for large movements on tech cameras with digital backs. I get at least 18mm of movement in each direction with a 40x54mm digital back on a WRS body.

This lens is extremely sharp wide open, and resolves well on the IQ4 even wide open, and is outstanding at F8. The lens optics are clean and in great condition. Lens barrel has few signs of use. Mounting tabs on barrel have some minor signs of wear, and there is one scuff on the protective bars. Includes a decent condition Hoya UVc filter, rear lens cover, and Cambo brand rear lens Cap (3d printed, user condition).

Copal 0 shutter appears to have all times work well, and triggers with mechanical cable release. Aperture is clean and stops down smoothly. This is a great lens on the latest digital backs for hi-res 3 panel pano stitching and general telephoto use at a fraction of the 138mm cost.


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I imagine you’re aware of this, but just in case—to save you from selling an otherwise wonderful and irreplaceable lens—the Cambo WRS-1049 can be used in the front to allow this to work on the XT.


I considered it even though I have one, as a backup, as I like the lens so much…but I’m glad you are able to keep it. Gonna try the adapter?