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WTB: Cambo WRS-1068 Roll Film Adapter


New member
Looking for a roll film adapter to fit my Cambo RS-1200. Can anyone help an old film luddite out?


New member
I'm a bit surprised that I've had nearly 200 views and no responses. The adapters must be either be rare or people want to hang on to their copy.

If you're not registered at the forum, I can be contacted at [ robert at shootwideopen dot com ].


New member

I shoot film with the Actus DB and its the same mount.
so you would need the WRS-1068 adapter. I think I paid round 550 for mine.
it only works with mamiya rb back.

good luck


I was reading the specs on this and Cambo says that it does not fit a WRS-5000. Does anyone know why?
I reached out specifically for you and got this answer:

"The WRS-1068 does not fit to the 5000 series because of the guide for the weight compensation spring"

So its a design conflict between the mount of the 1068 and the location of the weight compensation guide.

I was reassured that on the 1200 and 1600 series that there was no conflict.

As to where to buy the part, in the US I can recommend any of our dealers. All of them have access to it.