I apologize up front for starting the ubiquitous "camera bag" thread but I think that this one is a little bit different ...

I've been carrying my Alpa Max /digtial back outfit using a Think Tank Acceleration and it's working well enough. However, given that the layout of a technical camera and a couple of lenses is somewhat different to that of the regular DLSR outfit, I was wondering if anyone had come across any carrying solutions that work exceptionally well with this type of camera system?

I'm sure the situation is the same whether you have an Alpa, Cambo, Horseman, Arca or field cameras etc. All are relatively large flat panels with/without lens attached and seem to take up a lot of space if stored flat with little padding to stop them from moving back/forth in the bag. Similarly, if you store it on it's side (which is what I currently do), it takes up a long & relatively thin section in the center and the layout of the bag is a compromise for the size of lenses/mounts, digital back, plus all the other sundry stuff such as cables, meter, etc etc. Right now I tend to break it all down when I put it in the bag, including removing the viewfinder, back et al. A little tedious but not much of a problem.

It works for me at the moment but are there any innovative solutions or recommendations out there?