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Thread: Mounting an aptus 22 to a Toyo-Omega 4x5

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    Mounting an aptus 22 to a Toyo-Omega 4x5

    I just picked up an Aptus 22 digital back and I'd like to mount it to my 4x5 view camera. Where can I find the appropriate adaptor? Thank you for your input.


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    Re: Mounting an aptus 22 to a Toyo-Omega 4x5

    You will need to know what adaptor is on your Aptus, like Hasselblad V or 645 or Hasselblad H, i am not sure how many there are. Then you can look for the appropriate sliding back, etc.
    Kapture Group makes sliding backs for a lot of cameras. Also Digital Transitions and Capture Intergrations(might have missed the spelling) are digital back dealers and could easily have used sliding backs that could work.
    You could also troll ebay for a sliding back for your camera, but that could be a very long wait for one to turn up.
    There is one other possibility called a Graflok Universal 4x5 back, your back plate and ground glass 'pops' off and is replaced by this, but you would need to purchase an adaptor plate to go on this graflok back that allows your aptus back to mate to it. The basic problem is you can have the groundglass on your camera or the aptus and it quickly becomes a pain to switch them.
    Also remember that your 4x5 lens become a lot longer because the sensor area of the aptus is about 1/2 of a 4x5 groundglass.
    Leaf makes great backs, enjoy.

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    Re: Mounting an aptus 22 to a Toyo-Omega 4x5

    Brian, sensor area of 22 is not even 1/4 of 4x5 (9*12 vs 4.5*6 == 108 and 27, but 22 is 1.1 crop from 645 other than that - yep. All correct

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    Re: Mounting an aptus 22 to a Toyo-Omega 4x5

    Kapture Group makes really good systems for using digital backs on large format cameras.

    They have one back that lets you move the digital back to multiple positions for stitching.

    You lock down your tripod and take multiple captures. Your final files will look amazing.

    They will have the optical look of large format and 80 MP or more files.

    The results with this stitch back are actually best with the 22 MP sensors thanks to their larger 9x9 photo sites. You get the benefits of large photo sites and large final image files.

    I have a couple of Kapture Group products and they are really nicely engineered.

    They also make kits to allow you to do one shot captures.

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    Re: Mounting an aptus 22 to a Toyo-Omega 4x5

    Toyo makes a 4x5 Graflock adapter for Mamiya/Leaf digital backs.
    The other thing to be aware of is that focusing short lenses is much more difficult on the ground glass. Do not use more than a 5 power loupe. Otherwise you will magnify the ground glass surface and this will interfere with seeing the image.
    100mm and longer probably ok.
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