Okay, I am going to showcase my ignorance for anything above "medium format" here...

I am thinking about trading out of my Mamiya 7 system into something "large" that will enable me to shoot multiple formats: (6x9, 6x12, 4"x5" occasionally) with the functionality to adapt a digital back in the future (not critical, but it would be a handy feature).

I started researching and liked the Cambo system (not a huge fan of bellows focusing and would like to be able to use this in the field), but the breathtaking cost of the lenses is a little bit of a turnoff. Naturally as it turns out, it seems like there are Chinese companies who produce the same type of system, but with helical mounts that allow legacy large format lenses to be used.

Does anybody know anything (or have used) any of these types of cameras? Fotoman (of China) seems to have an interesting system (Dmax), but they also seem to have a dizzying array of other cameras and it's tough to figure out which would be best.

Anybody have any input?