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Thread: Shutter activation on Leaf back for 4x5

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    Shutter activation on Leaf back for 4x5


    I am planning to mount a Leaf back on my Chamonix 45N-1 to do a macro work. My question is how to activate the shutter such that it can activate the back at the same time. By the way, is an 4x5 adapter selling on Ebay good to be used?
    Moveable adapter for Mamiya 645 to 4x5 Sinar Toyo | eBay

    Thanks for your answers.


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    Re: Shutter activation on Leaf back for 4x5

    First I must tell you that for accurate focus for digital photography, your camera is not rigid or precise enough for digital work. As digital is only 1 micron verses several thousandths of an inch for film thickness, one could be slightly sloppy with film. No chance with Digital. You also cannot stop down as far with digital as you could with film as the diffraction shows up far sooner than with film.
    If you look at you will find a lot of info on Large format etc.
    Look at 'Why Choose Digitar'. It will explain that your lenses for film are not up to the digital level of precision required.
    You may contact me if any other questions arise.
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