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Thread: minor scratches on rodenstock sironar digital 55mm's glass

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    minor scratches on rodenstock sironar digital 55mm's glass

    I need some advices from 4 by 5 lens' experts.
    I just got an used rodenstock sironar digital 55mm lens, (which I intend to use with P65, sinar 4 by5 camera for wide angle still-life shootings @f 8 or f11) and noticed very thin & short coating scratches on the rear glass center area. such scratches you can expect/ guess when cleaned/ wiped carelessly while some dust still on the glass...
    I can see that this lens was kept without the rear lens cap.
    They are very thin and short. I can noticed only with LED loupe at the right angle. It's not possible to see the scratches without the loupe. But still they are located in the center area of the rear glass.
    I know it's relative. But how much should I worry about the scratches for the image quality? I bought it with a good price. Should I return the lens?
    Or the minor coating scratches doesn't affect the image quality much?
    Let me hear some advices from you guys?
    PS_I posted this same question to the other forum(LLF). Sorry for the double post.
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    Re: minor scratches on rodenstock sironar digital 55mm's glass

    I don't think the scratches will make any difference to the image quality, especially being on the rear element. You got it at a good price, so all you really need to decide is if the scratches are already factored into the price you might expect for it if you sell.


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