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Thread: Chamonix 4x5 accessories

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    Chamonix 4x5 accessories

    I am planning to buy some filters for my chamonix 4x5 w/Rodenstock Apo Sironar S 210MM. Mainly yellow filter, green filter and perhaps red filter. I have been informed that it is smart to have this filter behind the lens itself due to reflextions of the light etc..
    Anyway, I can't work out if there is room for these filters in neither way. How and which filters will fit on my Chamonix ?? (if any)

    Also, is it possible to change the back of this camera? Anyone here excperienced with this? A digital (expensive) back could be practical some day. How about a polaroid back? Also, is it possible to flip the backpart so I can make a height format of it. Or am I forced to twist the whole camera to one side for this as it seems??

    Thanx a lot for your help

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    Re: Chamonix 4x5 accessories

    Why is it smart to put the filter behind the lens? I call BS on this from a practical standpoint as that is just a pain and I don't see any reason that would cause a measurable quality loss in actual shooting situations. What kind of filter are you trying to put in the camera that it won't fit? If this is some sort of square filter you're attaching, you could always take the bellows off the front standard, put on the lens, attach the filter, and then reattach the bellows.

    As to the second set of questions: do you have your 4x5 yet and played with it? 5 minutes with the camera will answer your question about flipping from a horizontal to portrait aspect with the camera: yes, it does come off and rotate. The back is just a piece of wood with a graflok ground glass. If you want to shoot a completely different size that still fits within the dimensions of the camera back you just have to have a new back made or you can shoot roll film with any roll film back that is graflok or slide-in (such as the Calumets or Sinar Zoom2). There is no point in buying a polaroid back as polaroid is no longer available. There is the option to buy a Fuji instant film back, though, if you want to shoot instant film.
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