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Thread: Focussing issues

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    Focussing issues

    Hey there,

    I recently acquired a Cambo Wide DS. So far, I did a first roll of film (and lost four images to the dark slide). Today, I shot a roll of T-Max 100 in a nice creek here in South Tyrol, Italy while in vacation.

    Everything went fine.

    BUT - I would love to find out any kind of improvement for the focussing procedure. I use a ground glass - to looks not too bright to say the least and maybe somebody can give me advice how to distinct ground glass from fresnel.

    Also, there are several "folding reflex viewer" options on eBay- will the work with a graflok or what?

    Thanks for your opinions and help!



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    Re: Focussing issues

    I had a Horseman SW612 with a 55mm lens. Most of the time, I just zone focused using the lens scales. I also bought a small accessory rangefinder for when I wanted better guesses. These are optical rangefinders that were made in the 40s, 50, and 60s. You can get them cheaply on ebay. My favorite was an Ansco de Jour. I also had a Waterman that could close focus. I did have a ground glass for my Horseman, but rarely used it. I taped a cut-down plastic fresnal sold for reading books. It did help even out the illumination. I mounted it on my side of the GG. But view camera ground glasses are not bright like those in DSLRs.
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