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Thread: Stolen M6, Summilux & Elmarit in London

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    Unhappy Stolen M6, Summilux & Elmarit in London

    Hello everyone,

    I hope it is ok to post on this forum as well (original:

    Last Saturday was the Thames festival in London, and I took out my M6 to photograph the event. In the evening, my camera bag with all my Leica equipments was stolen near Earls Court station. In it contained a M6 TTL and two lenses.

    Fortunately, we have a good CCTV footage of the thief showing his face clearly. I have reported the theft to the police who said there is a chance of catching him from the footage. But I'm afraid that when they do it would be too late.

    Can anyone suggest what else I can do in the mean time? I have heard that it is possible to report the serial number to Leica where they kept a database of stolen equipments, but I haven't had much luck looking for this online.

    The serial numbers are:

    Leica M6 TTL 2756569
    50 Summilux 3783157
    24 Elmarit ASPH 3964779

    Please, please be careful with your bags. It only took me half a minute from it, with table full of people I know.


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    Re: Stolen M6, Summilux & Elmarit in London

    Sorry to hear that..

    Silver or Black?

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    Re: Stolen M6, Summilux & Elmarit in London

    yep I hear you I always try to wear my bag etc or have it attached to me somehow, I was attacked in paris taking night shots earlier this year, almost lost the camera. I am sorry to hear you got your stuff stolen, I know how you must love that camera...I know I love mine!!!

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    Re: Stolen M6, Summilux & Elmarit in London

    So sorry to hear.
    A reminder to maintain your vigilance.

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    Re: Stolen M6, Summilux & Elmarit in London

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. The M6 is black, and there are no obvious markings unfortunately. It is doubly painful since I've now planned to move back to film, and those were the equipments I'll be shooting with!

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