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Thread: Fast 50's: Leica Lux 1.4 vs ZM 1.5 vs CV 1.5 opinions please

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    Fast 50's: Leica Lux 1.4 vs ZM 1.5 vs CV 1.5 opinions please

    I've looked for a thread on this topic but can't find one. My recent thread asking to pick one lens for the M9 resulted in a clear preference for the 50 lux (35 chron and lux were also popular). I was a bit surprised not to see recommendations for other brands for the 50.

    I'm sure there are many, many 50's out there. I have "focused" on the Leica lux, Zeiss ZM 1.5, and Voigtlander 1.5. Both the others are a fraction of the price of the Leica. The Zeiss is smaller and lighter, the CV is lighter. Nocti is too big and expensive, so not much interest there for me.

    I'm looking at information as to how these lenses compare on an M9 (or M8). There must be reasons that everyone suggested Leicas, but I would like to read specific comments. Smaller, lighter, and cheaper are all positive qualities. But tell me the rest of the story.

    BTW, I'm thinking of getting a silver lux at a good price. Tell me, how do silver lenses look on black bodies?

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    Re: Fast 50's: Leica Lux 1.4 vs ZM 1.5 vs CV 1.5 opinions please

    Don't forget that silver lenses are heavier (with the exception of the "silver anodized" 28 elmarit and 35 lux) than their black counterparts. That said, they look great on black camera bodies.

    You won't regret getting a 50 lux asph for one instant. I think it's the best lens anywhere. Period. I had a Zeiss, then the Leica pre-asph and decided I liked the asph much better. Then I went totally crazy, bought an LHSA MP3 kit, kept the lens and sold the rest. Now I lust after the solid titanium one that only came with the titanium M7 kit. If I could find someone who wants the camera, I could keep the lens.

    If you want to spend a little less, get the 50 cron. I love that lens too.

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    Re: Fast 50's: Leica Lux 1.4 vs ZM 1.5 vs CV 1.5 opinions please

    Tom, silver was my preference with my Leica line up. However I found the silver tended to have a tighter focus ring requiring more force with the finger and somehow made focusing that bit more difficult.

    Plenty of exercise of the focus ring tended to loosen things up but not to the extent of the standard black lenses.

    With regard to the 50 Summilux Asph, I found that, of all my leica lenses this tended to "run hot". What I mean by this is all lenses tended to hold fantastic detail in highlights but the Summilux tended to burn the highlights out very easily. But it's still a fantastic lens and an obvious choice if one likes the Asph look.

    FWIW I had a 21 & 24 Elmarit Asph, 35 & 50 Summilux Asph and if I was buying again I'd seek out chrome versions again.
    A7II, FE 35, 55 C/Y 18, 28, 85, 100, 28-85

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    Re: Fast 50's: Leica Lux 1.4 vs ZM 1.5 vs CV 1.5 opinions please

    Tom You found two 50s that I don t have in the ZM1.5 or the Cv1.5. I would agree with Brad especially with the M9..the Leica 50asph is the best all around lens you can buy. This is Leica best in class lens for the M...

    The Zeiss alternatives offer very different renderings...the ZM 1.5 has a classical rendering with a very soft look wide open with a nice glow. It is a well liked lens because it can give you images a timeless look especially in black and white. The ZM 2.0 is a planar and is high contrast..exceptionally sharp ...if you want punch this is a great lens. Again like it better in BW as it provides a high contrast look. Very well corrected lens and a great value . The preasph Leica 1.4 is well regarded....almost a cult lens on the M8 because of its lower contrast and Noctilux like bokeh wide open. An exceptional lens that gets very sharp when stopped down a few stops . The 50 summicron has a classic leica look...really a great lens for color and under rated due to the popularity of the summiluxes.

    But the 50 1.4asph is the best and will be a high use lens on an M9.

    They are hard to find because of the release of the M9 and the change in desired focal lengths.


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    Re: Fast 50's: Leica Lux 1.4 vs ZM 1.5 vs CV 1.5 opinions please

    Tom - if you can get a used 50 summilux asph at a decent price (I guess they go for around $3,000 - $3,200 used these days), then just do it. You won't be sorry, and you can easily recoup your funds if you change your mind. In fact, the lense is likely to go UP in value. It's nearly certain not to decrease in value.

    Mike Hatam
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    Re: Fast 50's: Leica Lux 1.4 vs ZM 1.5 vs CV 1.5 opinions please

    I have 1.4 lux asph and zm 1.5 but never use voiglander 1.5
    I bought zm 1.5 first and 1.4 lux asph after.
    If I bought 1.4 lux asph first I may not get zm 1.5
    Anyway I still keep both.
    1.4 lux asph is one of the best lens I thought. Sharp from 1.4, nice bokeh, sweet color rendition.
    zm 1.5 has it's soft glow special character which make me can't let it go.
    If I really have to keep one, leica would be my 1st choice.

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