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Thread: Lee Filters for Rangefinders

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    Lee Filters for Rangefinders

    I saw this posted on LUF, looks intresting!

    Lee Filters

    What do you think, looks promising or just another gimmick?

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    Re: Lee Filters for Rangefinders

    Quote Originally Posted by Haya View Post
    What do you think, looks promising or just another gimmick?

    I have the Cokin "A" series that I originally bought for my Canon G6 [with circular polarizer and a neutral graduated filter (to knock down sky intensity-kind of like "CSI Miami" has a semi-permanent orange grad filter on their exterior shots, sheesh]). It works on the M8. Do I use it?

    No. Why?

    1. There are far easier/cheaper ways to have a big camera (buy a DSLR), it really crimps the "keep it small" style.
    2. I like to travel light, and being a former motorcycle tourer (not on one of those big Honda Winnebago's) I pack ruthlessly light. The kit NEVER makes the cut.
    3. The economy of one filter for each purpose/kit is appealing, as opposed to one filter per purpose/filter ring size. Wait a minute, slap me now, I paid over CAN$5k for my Leica.
    4. Just get the circular polarizer for a wide angle lens, and forget about it for the 75mm f/1.4 beheamoth. An ND filter for a 75mm lens is relatively cheap (compared to a cir. pol.), and that I would find more useful on a lens I wanted more bokeh outside in the sun.

    Why did I buy it, in retrospect?

    1. No other easy practical way to do grad filters on a range-finder (position & chimp).
    2. G.A.S.

    Would I do it again, No. Your mileage may vary.
    I believe Lee filters are higher on the "pecking order" of filters than Cokin, others here could confirm/refute it. I think they market primarily to larger formats & broadcast as why the name isn't more common around 35mm users.

    cheers, robert

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