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Thread: 35mm Cron vs. 25mm ZM: benefits ?

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    35mm Cron vs. 25mm ZM: benefits ?

    hi all

    My dealer finally has some Leica lenses in stock. I am contemplating the Cron 35mm. At present, I only have 2 lenses of which one is in for repair (the Lux 50mm). My other lense which I enjoy a lot is the Zeiss 25mm/2.8 ZM. However, I always felt it isnt suitable for closer portrait shots on the street and the 50mm Lux was too narrow. Am I being too fussy ? Just wondering how the Cron 35mm will benefit me. My thinking is that it will be better for street portraits and interior shots than the Zeiss. Btw, I am still a newbie to RF photography having had my M8 for only 3 months or so...

    Any opinions ? I've read Sean Reid's reviews but he doesnt do this type of comparison.

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    Re: 35mm Cron vs. 25mm ZM: benefits ?

    The 35 cron Asph you may not want for the street although extremely good lens it is a touch contrasty. Now after doing my lens review with the new 35mm Summarit if you can deal with the 2.5 speed it maybe a better street lens because the contrast is slightly lower
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    Re: 35mm Cron vs. 25mm ZM: benefits ?

    It all depends on what and how you like to shoot. No one focal length is good for every type of shot or shooter.
    With Film M's I always liked using the 50mm lens and very rarely used a 35 but I did when it was needed and even went to lower/wider focal length lenses. With the M8 I still find my most used lenses are the 50mm's, both Cron and Lux.
    That's just the way I like to shoot. Do I use a 40, 35, 28, 24, 21 on the M8, sure I do (21 is the shortest FL I have in my M lens line up) but I also use the 75, 90 and 135.
    It all comes down to what and how you like to shoot.
    Most on this forum state that there mostly used lens is X (most being shorter then a 50mm) and that if you liked the 50 on film then a 35 is the closest you're going to come to it with the M8. I don't see it that way. The 50 is still my mostly used lens and I take 1-1.5 steps backwards, or should I say I now take 1-1.5 steps closer when using a 50 on a film M.
    You can't go wrong with the 35 Summicron. It only adds to what you can shoot from what distance you are shooting from.

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