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Thread: I've ugly-fied my M9

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    Re: I've ugly-fied my M9


    I think you need to change your mindset, I live in NYC, have the same combo, just use rational approach on where you are and when to pull it out. I have see people at a gunpoint for their metro card, muggers don't care what you have, but they care what they can get from you. One thing I can suggest avoid using flashy camera bags that makes you look like a tourist, i.e. you become potential target. Overall NYC is one of the safest places I know, on the other hand I had some fun situations in Bolivia, Russia, East Asia but again if you use rationale you should be fine.

    Have fun shooting

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    Re: I've ugly-fied my M9

    Like so many already, I'll say that thieves aren't the smartest and don't recognize the cost of some things. My house was broken into two months ago and the thief went into my home office. He/she went to the desk that had a Leica R9/DMR with 100 macro, a Hassy 500 with CFV and 40mm lens, a set of Leica binoculars, and a Leica M8 with 50 'lux ASPH on it. These things were left them alone but the thief did take a 6 year old MacBook.

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