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Thread: Using the WATE with filters?

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    Jeremy D.

    Using the WATE with filters?

    So, I just began my journey with the M9 and am interested in the WATE. From my Canon collection, I have the 82mm Sing Ray Vari-ND and LB Color Combo Polarizer.

    Has anyone used the step-up rings with the WATE? If so, can you share your thoughts/experiences? Also, do the filters show up in the frankenfinder when framing your shots? How about vignetting at the corners at 16mm?

    I guess I'm just curious about the use of filters, in general, on my Leica lenses, as I've have quite a few from Sing Ray (some screw-on and some using the Lee system).

    Thanks, in advance, for your thoughts/comments.

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    Re: Using the WATE with filters?

    There is a step up ring from WATE to 67 filter size bought my in B&H works very well

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