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Thread: M8 Aperture Estimate Accuracy

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    M8 Aperture Estimate Accuracy

    Hi All,

    Since upgrading to C1 4.1 I have been monitoring the value that the camera writes for the shot aperture. I read that the very early firmware used in review cameras displayed this in the playback info but Leica chose to disable it as the accuracy was not good enough.

    I have been using my coded 35 and 75 ASPHs and have found that the accuracy is actually very good. Wide open it is always correct and from 5.6 down it is always correct too. I think if it made some rounding based on the 6 bit code (5.6 instead of 5.5 for example) it would be useful to have this enabled. I have had it state 3.5 a few times when it was actually 4 though.

    Has anybody else been monitoring this?

    I still think it would be great if they displayed the kelvin temp used in the playback too so you can make manual adjsustments in tricky light. Auto is excellent now though.

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    Re: M8 Aperture Estimate Accuracy

    I vote for that, both things

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