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Thread: maintaining (2) M9 batteries

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    maintaining (2) M9 batteries

    what is the best way to maintain (2) M9 batteries.
    i really only use 1 battery but i will be traveling so just in case bought a second.

    should i only start to charge that second battery when i travel and leave it on the shelf before and after my trip, or should i work it into my daily rotation from now on.

    not sure what is best for battery longevity.

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    Re: maintaining (2) M9 batteries


    generally spoken, as long as a new battery is kept in its 'manufacturing' condition the life time clock hasn't be started, which changes when it has been charged the first time. If you plan to use this battery on your trip, just consider that it needs a few charging and discharging cycles before it reaches its full capacity. Once charged use battery 1 and 2 alternately to keep them both alive. I am doing this with all my Lithium cells since a couple of years now successfully, recharging them only when they are almost completely drained. The oldest battery (a Nikon EN-EL4) is in use since 6 years now and it still works properly.


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    Re: maintaining (2) M9 batteries

    LiIon batteries can be kept "topped off" unlike the old NiCd and NiMh batteries. NiCd were especially infamous for their "memory issues."

    I rotate my batteries and always keep them topped off.

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