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Thread: Has anyone tried .85 aftermarket Leica eyepiece finder?

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    Has anyone tried .85 aftermarket Leica eyepiece finder?

    I've got an M3, but my glasses make it hard to see the frame lines all at once. There's an aftermarket eyepiece attachment that claims to turn a .85 finder into .72 and .72 into .58 (link to ad is below). Has anyone used it?

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    Re: Has anyone tried .85 aftermarket Leica eyepiece finder?

    I tried one a few years ago and it didn't help. If I remember correctly, it didn't improve your view of the framelines, just made them smaller. In other words, if you can't see the frame lines without it, you are not going to see them with it. I think to achieve the true widening of the view, the lens probably needed to be in front of the finder, like the auxiliary wide angle adapters for video cameras.

    The M3 has a great finder. Are you saying you can't see the 50mm frame lines? It may be that your glasses are too big and make the finder too far from your eye, smaller glasses that fit closer to the face can help.

    Their magnifying version works well, but since there is no padding or rubber ring on it, it will scratch your glasses.


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