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Thread: Have a probem -sharpness - DMR or what reason?

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    Re: Have a probem -sharpness - DMR or what reason?

    Doug -- I think you will be very pleased with the lens. From what I have heard, it is very similar to the 280/4 that you love so much (I never shot with that one...I would love to..).
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    Re: Have a probem -sharpness - DMR or what reason?

    Kind of an aside but have any of you noticed that some of the ebay adds for R lenses suggest to buy now before the introduction of the R10, whence prices will go up? CameraWest had this then took it off for a while and now its back in their auction descriptions. I hope this is correct and there will be a DMR successor.

    Yes there probably are "Zoom" people and "Prime" people. I prefer to shoot with zooms on the DMR when possible. I use the zoom for two main reasons - first to fill the frame with my composition and avoid cropping off those dear pixels (since there are only 10mp to start with) and I use the zoom as a MF aid - I zoom in all the way to check focus then zoom back out. It's like having a built in viewfinder magnifier. I do shoot with a few primes - notably the 80 lux and 100 apo macro.


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