I am currently a reasonably long term Phase One/Mamiya AFD/DF shooter using various P+, Aptus and now IQ backs. I'm strictly amateur although I'd like to consider myself quality driven as far as my imaging is concerned. Which all leads me to the following:

Over time I've become increasingly disappointed with the DF system and have been considering a change. I do like the Schneider glass although I've grown to loathe certain aspects of the DF system such as occasional unreliability and overal system integration. This has made me curious about the S2 system, especially now that Leica actually have a reasonable spread of usable focal lengths available (ok, in theory at least!).

I'm pretty au fait with the S2 camera system capabilities but I was wondering if anyone has qualitatively compared the Phase LS 55/80/110/150 against the equivalent S lenses?

Now I realize that if I ask this question on the MFDB forum that I'll get the Phase One bias and likewise here probably the Leica bias but I'm curious if anyone has compared these objectively or could comment or point me to any previous comparisons.

In due course I'll arrange a rental/demo but in the meantime any feedback from S2 users who've maybe made this switch or comparison would be welcomed.

Thanks in advance.