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Thread: Leica R 28mm E55 Rom, price?

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    Leica R 28mm E55 Rom, price?

    Trying post again:

    I am trying to replace my broken 50mm lens, still heart broken about it. My local dealer called me and asked if I was interested in a 28mm ROM version for 2200 USD with one year Leica Warranty. If I remembered correctly, a used set usually goes for 1200 - 1800 USD. And full MSRP is around 2100 USD. I also understand our Canon colleagues are driving the demand up. Which puts a Leica-only user like myself out of luck.

    My question is, if I am shooting film and part DMR, is it worth 2200? I know the V1 will do fine on the DMR, but shooting film on the V2 lens could be fun.

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    Re: Leica R 28mm E55 Rom, price?

    I think it's a good price to buy, but in my opinion, the E49 does B/W in Digital sensor better, I just do some test on my Canon dslr and it's perfect (in its price, of course), and the 28 E55 does the colored image better, so, give it a try!

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    Re: Leica R 28mm E55 Rom, price?

    I bought mine in mint condition from Austria for $550.

    Before you ask, yes, definitely E55 built-in hood model with ROM contacts.

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