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Thread: Poodle camera?

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    Poodle camera?

    Exploring options for a camera with small MP count* & high IQ have come across the Leica Digilux 2 aka Panasonic LC1 that looks like it has really superb lens & ergonomics for manual shooting but the EVF is a dinosaur and the 5MP sensor just as affectionate but about as much bite as an old poodle. Am I right?

    Maximum 400 asa is not much but maybe this is offset by the f2 lens that is at least one stop brighter than most and the ergonomics makes hand holding easier than with other cameras. Maybe this is just wishful thinking?

    I figure there is no way any compact sensor like this one can compete in terms of IQ with any APS-C sensor despite all the lens sweet-spot theories but would be happy if am wrong about this.

    (*why small MP: don't need big prints & do want to avoid high-MP-induced camera shake)

    As you can see my heart says this would be a great pet camera but my head says it would only be good for play but not worth considering for anything "serious" in this serious day and age, even though it was used by quite a few professionals in its hey day. Just maybe too much has changed since then?

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    Re: Poodle camera?

    Well, some of my customer's favourite images in past years were made with this camera (I had one Leica, and two Panny versions). The lens–sensor combination is lovely. AF is relatively slow (fast enough for old poodles, probably!). They are lovely cameras.

    The Panny versions had some sensor problems, people say, and a number were replaced under warranty; that would be worth checking.

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